5600 tones storage capacity - high technology equipments - computer monitoring and control - 5 operational loading pads - detailed reports for storage period - european road direct access

Modern technology

Frigorifer has cold storage warehouses designed and developed by german specialists at the highest technology standards in the industry for freezing / refreezing goods.

Equipments and accessories

  • Total storage capacity: 5600 tones
  • Storage temperature: -26°C to + 16°C
  • Brand new Bitzer freezer equipments
  • Computer control and monitoring
  • 3 fully operational loading pads
  • Forklift machinery
  • Industrial weight scale
  • Doctor for health and veterinary inspection
  • Authorised personell for handling goods
  • Detailed temperature diagram
  • Detailed reports (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • Easy direct european roads access

feeezing room
computer monitoring
weight scale
frozen meat frozen fish perisable products fresh fruits and vegetables