cold storage - detailded diagrams for entire storage time - quality control assured by an authorised doctor - european standards - qualiffied personell

Cold storage warehouse with modern equipments

Frigorifer offers for rent cold storage spaces for frozen meat, frozen fish, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables. Our representatives will negociate a fair price for your cold storage needs and sign a contract for the desired period. Our doctor will inspect the good's quality and will make sure the storage is made at european standards for the entire period. At any time of the cold storage you will have direct access to the temperature diagram for your goods.

Qualified personell

The team working for Frigorifer is highly qualified and has all the necessary logistics for handling your goods. Having the warranty that your goods have been stored according to the highest european standards, you can extract any quantity of the goods at any time with quality certificate for cold storage.

Authorisations and european certificates

The cold storage warehouse has all the authorisations and certificates required for this type of activity and customs warehouse approval for import export operations in the Constanta area.

cold storage
frozen meat frozen fish perisable products fresh fruits and vegetables